Facebook Freebie…it’s a name changer?

Facebook Freebie WHAT’S IN A name you might ask? We’ll according to Facebook, quite a bit. With the growing popularity of our “Facebook Freebies,” some post attracting more that 5,000 unique visitors, it didn’t take long before Facebook contacted us about our unusually high traffic and our ever growing participation with all of our popular giveaways. No, we had not broken any rules, nor violated any guidelines, it was simply just the name “Facebook Freebie.”

Seems, and with good reason, stating that its a “Facebook Freebie” insinuates that it is indeed FACEBOOK that is offering the giveaway…not the way we meant it, meaning that it is a FREEBIE offered by GOLDCROWNJEWELRY.COM on FACEBOOK…thus, a “Facebook Freebie.” Something we had not even thought about. We can still offer all of our great free items, we just have to choose a different name.

In the future, you will see that the “FACEBOOK FREEBIE” will now become the “GOLD CROWN GIVEAWAY.” We apologies for any inconvenience to our Facebook Fans, and to Facebook. Watch for more “Gold Crown Giveaways” to come. Return to Facebook Here.

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