Cash for Gold not so Bold

early 1900's vintage diamond gold ring

YOU really can make a difference here. With the recent spike in precious metals prices, the cash-for-gold business, which offers instant cash for melting down your gold jewelry, is booming. Sounds great right? Well, not so much if you’re a collector. There’s an incredible tragedy that is unfolding right before our very eyes, yet many are not really aware of what’s actually going on.

I had recently discovered a hoard of incredible vintage gold and silver jewelry from the 1900’s -1950’s. They were exquisite pieces, many of them looked as if they had been tucked away in a drawer for the past fifty some years. Some were simple plain gold bands with fine hand scroll work, while others had old world European cut diamonds and colored gems. To say the least, it was fascinating to see so much artwork and craftsmanship in one place.

melting jewelry at the refineryThis little cache of jewelry had been a week’s worth of finds for one such cash-for-gold businessman. Of course, I immediately asked if the box was available for sale. To which the man replied simply, “no.” He went on to explain, that this collection of treasures (what he kept referring to as “scrap gold”), was on its way to be melted down and turned into cash. To him, there was no intrinsic value in each piece as an object of art or time capsule of history, but more so, a melt value commodity based on precious metal weight.

I went home that evening and thought about our brief conversation, and early the very next day, contacted him again about the items. It was too late to persuade him otherwise, the jewelry had already been sent off to the refinery. It made me began to think about those of us who are collectors.  All those family heirlooms, icons of our distant past, gone.

Jewelry really is no less an object of art or a piece of history than say a painting, a vintage text book or a finely aged wine, all of which are held and collected because of what they are. Can you imagine someone dumping out a fine wine, simply for the art deco ring rescued last yearvalue of the glass bottle? Of course not. Jewelry is something to be treasured, shared and even given as a gift to someone you appreciate….not something that should be melted down for quick cash based on the weight.

So what should all this mean to YOU? It’s easy. For years, we’ve searched the globe over to locate some of the most interesting and unique jewelry and gemstone finds.  We know all to well, that one person simply can’t buy and save every piece of fine jewelry that we try to rescue.  BUT, YOU CAN HELP with one push of a button and get the word out about these peices, simply by sharing our discoveries on your own Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter pages. Our mission is to “rescue” these treasures before it’s too late.  With your help, we hope to find new owners for these items, who in turn, will appreciating and cherish these item for future generations.

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