An Old Friend Gets a Facelift

Guest Blogger and GCJ Customer, Jerry Smith

When GOLDCROWNJEWELRY.COM asked me to write their first blog entry,  I GCJ LOGOwas excited to say the least! I have been a customer of “The Crown” (as I like to call them) for fifteen years as a gem enthusiast and avid collector of fine vintage jewelry.   Since my first purchase, I have acquired from “The Crown” some exceptional items.

Earlier this summer, they allowed me a sneak peak at their new site design, and demonstrated some of its specia featuresl and, of course, gave me a first look at a few of the new items they would be offering in the fall.  I have to say, that I was amazed at what I saw.  New customers, as well as current customers, are going to have fun with all the new features and the ease of making purchases.

I wanted to take a few moments to share with you some of the things you will encounter when visiting GOLDCROWNJEWELRY.COM during their grand opening.   If you’re not currently getting emails from them, I highly recommend you make sure you join their Enewsletter.  To begin, the site has a new layout that’s easier to view and navigate.  All of the photos can be enlarged so you can see the detail on every item.  One new idea (ok, it was my idea) is that on some of the items, you’ll find a “Make Offer” button.  If you see a Make Offer Button on an item you like, they encourage you to make your best offer on it.  Remember, their mission is to match clients who will really appreciate the items they offer ….so you never know what offer they might accept.  Give it a try!

Who says “nothing in life is free ?”….not The Crown.  All domestic shipping within the United States is now FREE (includes free insurance, too)!  All orders are sent using fast US Postal Priority delivery.  Don’t forget to check your delivered package for special offer coupons, discounts and even FREE GIFTS!  There are also special reduced shipping rates for Canadian and other International clients as well.

The Crown has also gone social with various social media.  You will now be able keep up with all the latest news, products, incredible finds and special offers by following The Crown on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Ebay as well as this blog.  If you’ve participated in The Crown’s “Facebook Freebie ~ Today’s Totally FREE Gem giveaway,” you can still play by watching their Facebook page for when those will be offered.  Now here is a tip for you…if you want to gain an edge and make sure you get one of the free items (they tend to get snatched up pretty fast), make sure you’re getting their FREE Enewsletter, if you’re not already.

Facebook will also be the home of a new offer too, called the “Daily Bounce.” In a nutshell, The Crown will be offering a very special item for sale.  Working sort of like a reverse auction, the price of the item will drop each day until either someone buys it at a steal or it gets “bounced” back to the sites inventory, returning to it’s original price, should there be no interest.  In the future, Facebook and Pinterest will also be used to display some of the more interesting photos of the treasures they find and participants might also get to share some of the photos of items the have created using some of the gemstones they purchased from The Crown.  The sky is the limit!

In closing, I want to thank GOLDCROWNJEWELRY.COM for all of their years of support and excellent customer service in helping me invest in my collection of gems and jewelry.  I look forward to using the new site, checking out all their new finds and in turn sharing The Crown with all of my Facebook friends and family.  I hope you will too.


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