Sunstone Oregon Golden Fancy Emerald Cut 9.75X6mm 1.64crts

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  • Sunstone Fancy Emerald Cut 9.75X6mm 1.64crts
  • Sunstone Fancy Emerald Cut 9.75X6mm 1.64crts

GEM TYPE: Genuine Oregon Sunstone
WEIGHT: Aprx. 1.64 Carats
MEASURES: Aprx. 9.75x6mm
CUT: Fantasy Emerald Cut
CLARITY: Transparent
TREATMENT: None (Natural)
# OF GEMS: 1


Featured is a genuine Oregon Sunstone. Oregon sunstone is a feldspar crystal formed in molten lava and then discharged onto the surface of the earth by a volcano. As the lava weathers away or is broken up the crystals are released. Oregon is the only place in the world where gem grade Sunstones are found containing copper. Varying amounts of copper cause the stones to range in color from water clear to yellow, as well as many shades of green, red and pink. Some stones contain from two to four of these colors. Some rare stones will even change colors in different light as alexandrite does, and some are different colors when viewed from different directions. The majority of Oregon Sunstones are translucent. This particular gemstone has a light golden warm color and is translucent.

Pictured is the actual gemstone being offered.

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