Cameo Shell 13×9.5mm 1.76crts

GEM TYPE : Genuine Natural Shell Cameo
WEIGHT: 1.76 crts
CUT: Oval Carving
MOTIF: White on Tan
# OF GEMS: 1

Item Description
Featured is a genuine Cameo. Cameos are created in two ways, intaglio (a cameo's feature carved "into" a gem, like an old wax stamp) or a reverse intaglio (a cameo's feature carved "out of" a gem (like your traditional shell cameo). Cameos can be created using a wide variety of gem types, but most tend to be made from agate, onlyx, mother of pearl or even opal and tend to be opaque. The most sought after cameos come from Italy. This particular cameo depicts a long-hair individual with a helmet. Pictured is the actual cameo being offered.

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