Opal Mixed Shapes (10 ctw Parcel)

Opal Mixed Shapes (10 ctw Parcel) ~ BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!

GEM TYPE : Genuine Mixed Opals
WEIGHT: 10 cttw (each parcel)
MEASURES:2mm to 6x4mm
CUT: Mixed Shape Cabochon
CLARITY: Mixed White/Crystal/Jelly
# OF GEMS: 80-120 (per parcel)
ESTIMATED RETAIL VALUE: $100 (per parcel)

Item Description
Featured are genuine Australian Opals. There are a wide variety of Australian opals, from white based with fire, harlequin patterns, top jelly crystal, to clear. Australian opals are renowned for the play of color and distinct features that make them Australian gems. These particular gemstones are a mix of various size mix of plain white (no fire)/white based/crystal/jelly type opals in a rainbow of colors, from A-AAA grade. The price listed is for (1) 10 ctw parcel.