Bead Jade Skull (1Pcs)
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  • Bead Jade Skull (1 Piece Parcel)
  • Bead Jade Skull (1Pcs)

Bead Jade Skull (1Pcs) ~ BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

GEM TYPE : Genuine Green Jade
WEIGHT: Aprx. 50-60 Carats (each bead skull)
MEASURES: 1"inch x 3/4"inch (each bead skull)
CUT: Unique Hand Craved Skull
TREATMENT: None (natural)
# OF GEMS: 1
ESTIMATED RETAIL VALUE: $25 (each bead skull)

Item Description
Featured are genuine green jade skulls. Jade is an ornamental gemstone that has been used over the ages in a variety of ways. It can be found in many places on earth, the best coming from Burma. Jade comes in many shades and colors mostly ranging from white, yellow, green, but cam come in other colors as well. These particular gemstones are mixed light to medium shades of color.

Pictured is a sample, taken from the much larger group of the type of gemstones being offered. The price listed is for (1) carved jade skull.